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The dream

I remember when I fell in love with fashion believe that was nine years old and I started seeing on television and magazines things like THE SEX PISTOLS, THE CLASH, THE RAMONES, THE STRAY CATS, from England AND New York City, street culture on the news, the hip-hop movies Beat Street and Breakin..

So much was going on, in my imagination is running wild as I lived in a very small only way to have anything remotely close to this cool new look wise to go to a secondhand clothing store buy something that's half decently cool and then make it your own.

I absolutely love the opportunity I have still continue on with my career, and after all these years to be able to do something like this and share some of my ideas, or things that influence me with you, it's probably one of the most fulfilling experiences I've ever had.

With today's options that are afforded to us which is now also including self care and education, to be able to have my own store, to be able to create and feel like I'm participating in life, it's probably one of the biggest mental health tools that I never knew existed!

I believe in creating art, in all  it's forms, is a true blessing from the creators of the universe, because our vision, our vision and our minds, and our imagination will translate into something completely unexpected but yet beautiful in somebody else's perspective.

I watch my daughter grow...and she is my prime motivation to continue to grow and become, who I was supposed to be.

Who is that? I don't know,  but this new path , is certainly as thrilling as being reborn, everyday!

I am looking forward to growing with you!

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