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KRAV MAGA is not a martial art, it is a problem-solving system, based on concepts not the memorizing of certain combinations and katas, mainly found in structured traditional martial arts schools.

KRAV MAGA is the logical application of a few basic principles to identify a problem and find a solution. In our case, of course, that problem generally involves bad people trying to commit violent acts against us, it is also a very empowering experience, as not everyone has the same motives for wanting to train in our system. I learned this after years of teaching all over the world and I have truly had my eyes open here at my school in Thunder Bay!

We say in Krav Maga that if the technique does not work for everyone, under pressure, it probably won't work in a real life situation where your life is on the line!


After over 20 years of teaching I feel confident telling you that I have a unique method of sharing this information, I always feel as a teacher you need to understand that everyone in your class is different, and need to be able to adjust everything for everybody on the spot, as people have different mindsets and/or reasons for being in my class.

Why I find the KRAV MAGA system so fascinating is that it is based on principles not so much on techniques. There is a lot of scenario-based training, and extremely high-stress training, we believe in having one technique that can do many defenses instead of having to worry about memorizing 1000 things that more than likely will never work under pressure.

Combat, or better yet an assault is a terrifying experience. I feel that by putting you into stressful situations, where you are training under pressure, as realistic as possible, you will be able to execute the principles of this system in real life. The conditioning part of this training is demanding, but you go at your own pace. The combat portion is extremely aggressive, as this is a military system with the objective of making sure you get home safe.

After one year of teaching here in Thunder Bay, I have learned a great deal about what my type of student is wanting....and I think I was right on my assumptions.

I have worked extremely hard on making sure the quality of service that I am giving his world class. Having a clean and safe place with zero tolerance for excessive violence or for a better word, not letting bullies or over aggressive opinionated people trained in the facility is something that I feel is essential for the success of the program.

My journey in Krav Maga has pushed me to continue to grow as not only a business owner but also a person who has a special gift of knowing how to transfer knowledge. Being that my personal background in competitive sports since the age of five here in my home town, I am at the forefront in the fitness in just three of the latest trends and the best way to get the best material to my students. The practices and coaching methods that will be put into play for the coming year are unlike anything else in the self defense industry. The professional and personal coaching that will be available not only to group classes and individuals, The very highly successful anti-bullying program that is in the St Ignatius high school is going into its third year, and the concepts of our intense dry land training will start being used by Thunder Bay Minor Hockey.

The KRAV MAGA self defence system is constantly adapting and growing and changing, because that is the reality of our world, and I know for a fact that I am light years ahead of anyone else in our system as I am adapting our philosophies to the corporate world, and getting into professional coaching for individual and team competitive sports on a national level.

The best way to see if this system is for you is to accept my offer for a free trial class and you will know before I will if this is what you are looking for! We are all brothers and sisters here at my school and I am looking forward to seeing you become part of our family!

Introduce Your Child To Our Young Warriors Program In Thunder Bay

Krav Maga Alliance Thunder Bay is proud to present the young warrior's program which teaches our young people to be safer, stronger, and smarter!

We are the only martial arts school in Canada that offers this program, and I am very excited to tell you that we are now accepting students in both our youth and teen programs!

This is a self-defense oriented curriculum that works with bully prevention, stranger-danger, self-discipline, respect, empowerment, and learning how to be a successful young person in today's world.

Communication skills are encouraged through physical activity, and also, we are very big on parent participation! After spending most of my career in professional wrestling, I can tell you now, there is nothing more exciting for our YOUNG WARRIORS as to when they pull Mom and Dad on the floor and everyone works out! The reason behind this is that I want the parents to see what it feels like to be out there with their kids, and one of the biggest problems I have encountered after years of service in the GUARDIAN ANGELS, is that parents have a hard time communicating with their kids. Believe me, rolling around and training with your young ones builds a major bond, and the time spent together in the gym is something your child will remember for the rest of their lives!

Young Warriors Classes in Thunder Bay teaches children to be safer, stronger, and smarter!

The young warrior's program is a patient program where kids can have fun and encourage them to understand the material fast. I guarantee you that you will fall in love with this program, and you will see results within the first five minutes of your child's first class!

Your first visit will consist of a one-on-one meeting where we will have a brief training session where I'll go over the protocol and teach the basics that will be needed for the first class.


Getting started is easy! Just fill in the short form on the side of this page to get all the information you or your child needs on how to get signed up and learn incredible self-defence skills in Thunder Bay today!

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